Projects – One & Two

Project One:

Create a One-Term plan

This exercise helps you see the bigger picture in planning for an entire academic year rather than a typical daily lesson plan. For this project, we will require you only to complete a lesson outline for one term, generally four months.

Imagine that you just arrived at your school and your department head just handed you both a schedule and book.  Choose one of the books below and create a one-term lesson outline.  The outline should be having them complete half the book within the one term.

You will be teaching your students twice a week (Tuesday and Thursday) between 1:00 – 1:50.  Calculate how many times you will be seeing them over the four months and formulate your course outline to include half the student textbook, student workbook if available, four quizzes, and one Exam.

Project Two:

Create a midterm exam

This exercise allows you to sum up the most relevant material you have taught over the four months and create a midterm exam for your students.  Please utilize the four skills on your exam with sections testing their reading, listening, writing, and speaking.  No more than 30% of the entire exam may be multiple-choice questions.