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Online Hybrid Course
Course Description

The Online Hybrid Course is a mixture of a traditional Online course combined with live instruction through the Zoom classrooms.  This course allows the learner to complete the first two weeks of training from their home countries, then arrive there in Thailand to complete the last week of teaching practice to real learners of ESL prior to graduation and placed in teaching positions nationwide.

TEFL Teaser Course
Course Description

The TEFL Teaser Course is a 20 hour TEFL course designed for our volunteers before they arrive in Thailand. The primary objective of this course is to provide the volunteer needed skills needed to conduct classes either supervised or unsupervised during their volunteer period. The volunteer will complete 16 hours of training from their home countries followed up by 8 hours of in-class instruction at our Chiang Mai training facility.

Thai Language Course
Course Description

The 40 hour Thai Language lesson course provides a basic to in-depth language understanding of spoken Thai before they arrive in Thailand.  This course will serve as a great way to make your stay in Thailand a little less complicated.  It also helps you slip into the Thai way of life and understand your new neighbors and friends.  The ability to speak the language of your host country makes a difference and will improve the quality of your stay.